Group of male and female elementary school students wearing backpacks and holding thumbs up signs to the camera.

CALSSD’s strength comes from the collaboration of school board members, superintendents and district staff. Through CALSSD, suburban school districts identify common concerns and influence for policies, legislation and state budget actions coming out of Sacramento.

CALSSD is represented in Sacramento by the Ball/Frost Group, one of Sacramento’s most respected education-focused governmental relations and lobbying firms.

CALSSD’s lobbyists carefully analyze the potential impact on suburban school districts of key legislation, State Board of Education actions, and Advisories issued by the California Department of Education, and provide expert analysis and strategic advice to CALSSD members.

“The work we do is complex and requires a collaborative effort. The lobbyists with the Ball/Frost Group are highly respected for their education policy expertise and know how to elevate the concerns and perspectives of suburban school districts to policymakers. With their partnership, suburban schools districts have a stronger voice in Sacramento to advocate on behalf of our students.”

– Dr. James Hammond, Superintendent, Ontario-Montclair School District

As members of CALSSD, suburban school districts:

  • Share ideas and provide input on policies related to educational reform.
  • Are represented in Sacramento by expert education lobbyists who know how to advocate for suburban students, schools, and districts.
  • Sponsor bills and take positions on proposed legislation based on CALSSD’s adopted goals and philosophy.
  • Work closely with policymakers in the legislature, the Governor’s Office, the Department of Education, and the State Board of Education.
  • Interact with legislators and key agency decision makers at special events coordinated by CALSSD.
  • Receive timely insights on the political, policy, and state budget developments that could impact schools and students.

CALSSD members meet at least four times a year to craft and refine legislative, budget and policy priorities and host a luncheon in conjunction with the California School Boards Association Annual Education Conference.

Connect with CALSSD.

To activate your district’s membership or for more information please contact Andrea Ball or Jeff Frost at Ball/Frost Group, LLC, legislative advocates for CALSSD.